Trullo Palmento

    The apartment is composed of kitchenette in living/dining room with bed/sofa, doubleroom and bathroom.
Unit Palmento can comfortably accomodates 3 guests.

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   The renovations and restores have preserved the natural beauty of these old stone dwellings, respecting the trulli architectural style and the original plant of the property. Thick walls provides a cool environment even in hot season so that you could enjoy the relax and peace of the countryside.
The Arte Povera style with wrought iron furnitures, the famous ceramics of Grottaglie and the original drapes make these old rural homes elegants and comfortables.

..a brief history description....

    The name of this apartment is owed for the presence of this typical architectural element called "Palmento" in the biggest trullo of the property. This room was used to produce the wine. After the squeezing of grapes, the special shape of the floor directs the musts into a reservoir located under the floor for the fermentation. The largness of the trullo was necessary whereas the quantity of carbon dioxide produced in the process of fermentation. In the two containers located under the floor of the adiacent room, was deposited the red and white wine. The wine was a valuable asset and therefore kept in the owner's house.