Storia della Masseria Ferrari...

    The Masseria Ferrari lies in the country of Martina Franca: in the first half of the 18th century it was composed of 80 acres of land owned by the Gioia, Cito and Carriero families, who lived in various little trullos, located within the property. Since that time, the masseria has completely changed its production focus from livestock to wine production.
The “casedde,” the original habitation of the landlord, have remained such, while the other structures once reserved for other uses, have become additional homes, structures for wine production (palmento), and barns for animals.

Original old plant

The room number indicates the destination use and the location as shown in the plant.

1. Chapel: Lámia, pignon vault;
2. Kitchen or stable
3. Haystack
4. Kitchen: an old circular base trullo. Seven niches on the wall;
5. Kitchenette;
6. Livingroom;
7. Winery: There are four underfloor wells to storage the wine;
8. Bedroom;
9. Palmento: An old place where to make the wine with a big underfloor well for the grape must;
10. Kitchen: There is an old stone oven for bread/pizza;
11. Haystack
12-13-14 Barns: Unclosed trullo for haystack;
15. Water well
16. Breakdown haystacks
17. Water fodder troughs: Four alcoves on the wall.

Old photos

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